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The Holy Cross of Scheyern

The Scheyern Cross is part of the Holy Cross which our Divine Saviour carried on his shoulders to Golgotha, thereupon to offer his life for our sins. The Cross and the other instruments of our Lord`s Passion were buried and forgotten until the year 326 when the Empress St. Helena, on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, discovered them again. There her son, the Emperor Constantine built a magnificent basilica over the Holy Sepulchre,  where, on the 14th September, 335, the Holy Cross was solemnly exposed.

A particle of the Cross came to Scheyern in Bavaria in the second half of the 12th century throughtthe Canon Conrad of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem who was send by the Patriarch Fulcherius to collect alms. Vassals of Conrad II, Count of Dachau kidnapped him and stole the Holy Relic. Later at the request of the Patriarchs Amalrich und Heraclius, Conrad III, the last Count of Dachau was ordered by the patriarchs to surrender the Relic to a monastery or to build a shrine for it. The Relic was given to the Benedictine Abbey of Scheyern where the Count himself after his death in 1183 was buried in the cloisters by the chapel where the Relic is preserved.

Each year many faithful from near and far come to venerate the Holy Cross of Scheyern, especially on the twogreat feasts of the Holy Cross, the 3rd May and the 14th September. The unusually large particle, in the form of a Byzantine Cross, that is with two crss-bars, is one of the largest existing in the Church. It measures 7 inches in length the top cross-ber is 1,5 inches wide, the lower is 3,5 inches wide, and the cross measures 0,08 inches in thickness.

For centuries pilgrims have treasured small brasscopies of the Scheyern Cross. These little crosses are blessed and touched with the Relic of the Holy Cross of Scheyern and enriched with papal indulgences. As numeros reports of old and new times show, the pious and confident use of the little crosses has proved extraordinarily helpful in the various vicissitudes of life. They can be used in the same way as medals, eiter worn round the neck or affixed in the home or car.
Its use is especially recommended to the sick and those in danger of dealth.

These small replicas of the Scheyern Cross can be obtained by writing to:

Heilig-Kreuz Kloster
85298 Scheyern
E-Mail info(@)kloster-scheyern.de